Fraser Island Whale Watching

Interesting Facts on Whales:

Whale watching has become increasingly popular. Every year thousands of tourists flock to Fraser Island to watch these gracefully majestic creatures make their way towards the shores. The following are some interesting facts for those who want to add whale watching in Fraser Island to their bucket list.

  • Blue whales are the largest mammals. On an average a blue whale may weigh equivalent to 150 cars. They are known to be more than 100 feet long and weigh somewhere around 150 tons.
  • Unlike fish that can breathe underwater, whales need to come up for air from time to time. This is because whales are mammals and they need to get their oxygen above water.
  • Male and female whales are known as bulls and cows and their offspring is known as calves.
  • If you ever go on a whale watch and fear being bitten by one, rest assured most whales do not have teeth. Instead they have baleens which help filter off small fish so whales can swallow them whole.
  • Some whales without teeth include the humpback whales, blue whales and the fin whales.
  • Often a female baleen whale is bigger than a male
  • Just the way humans can be identified with their finger prints, humpback whales are distinguished from the markings on their tales. This is one way marine biologists study these whales and can identify them with ease.
  • Humpback whales only feed during summer while in winter they can do with simply burning off the stored fat in their bodies. This is why the hump back whale loses almost one third of their body weight during winters.
  • Calves on the other hand can feed the year round because they have female whales’ feedings them close to 100 gallons of milk on a daily basis. Due to this much feeding a baby whale can grow up to seven pounds in an hour.
  • The fierce looking orca whale is known as the killer whale. They are predators and feed on sea lions, seals and walruses.
  • In some parts of the world, if a dead whale is washed ashore they are given a proper burial. This is seen mostly in islands in Ghana and Vietnam. They consider whales to be divine creatures and believe in giving them a proper farewell.
  • Though pilot whales and killer whales are known as whales, in actuality they are classified as dolphins.

Fraser Island Whale Watching

Why Fraser Island?

The most amazing fact of all tough is that whales can successfully navigate themselves in waters across the world. It’s easy to get lost but each year the whales take a definite path without ever deviating. It is said that the whales have a naturally occurring substance known as magnetite in their brains. This has magnetic properties and makes use of the natural magnetic pull of the earth to know where the whale has to travel next.

Just don’t sit in surprise at these interesting facts. Make sure you come whale watching at Fraser Island to experience these beautiful creatures up close and personal. You’ll find these huge mammals off the coast of Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia.